Beethoven Pathetique Sonata Course By Steinway Artist, Professor Lenora Brown

Master the 1st Mvt. of Beethoven's Sonata, Op. 13, No. 8 with this piano lesson course taught by Steinway Artist, Professor Lenora Ford Brown

What you'll get:

  • Sheet Music PDF with fingering & pedal suggestions
  • Rhythm, pedal & fingering tips
  • Interpretation & phrasing ideas to play expressively  
  • Solutions to common technical challenges
  • Innovative practice techniques 
  • Three piano lesson videos (over 90 minutes total)


Why Pianists Love Lenora's Lessons!

Whenever I hit a roadblock in a piece, Lenora always has creative solutions to help me break through.

Ann Werner

Lessons are always so instructive because I learn both how to play a piece and how to practice it.

Sadie Reeves

Lenora is the most skilled and talented musician and teaches at the highest level. She cares about technique and excellence but equally about the people she teaches.

Jenny Groberg

You will watch in awe as Lenora transforms you into a next-level, wonderful pianist. She strikes a perfect balance of high-expectations with all the warmth, support and kindness needed to inspire and motivate greatness.

Laura Davis

$17.00 USD

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