CHOPIN Piano Lesson Course by Steinway Artist, Professor Lenora Brown

Master Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu Op. 66 with Steinway Artist, Professor Lenora Brown


  • Learn how to play the polyrhythm correctly; 16th notes against triplets
  • Tips for playing fast, even & accurate
  • Ideas about how to play expressively with phrasing & ornaments 
  • Sheet music PDF with pedal & fingering suggestions
  • Three piano lesson videos (over 45 minutes total)


Why Pianists Love Lenora's Lessons:

This was so much more helpful than more detailed videos that I've watched from other instructors. I actually laughed when I saw how simple it was. Thank you so much.

Tim W

I just started learning this piece and this was exactly the advice I needed to get a good start! Thank you so much for sharing!

Dane Montague

Very insightful and concise tutorial. I have practiced this piece for over one year and your recommendations are all very valuable.

James K.

The tapping on the piano and then playing 2 different notes on the piano, all that while counting was the best tip ever, thank you so much!

Artemiss B.

Short and concise tutorial! Brilliant! Thanks so much!

Steven Beer

$17.00 USD

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